Your most important Medicare goal

Jan 12, 2021
It is important to understand your most important goal with Medicare.

You have one goal when choosing a Medicare plan that far outweighs any other goal.

That goal is as follows:

At some point in your life - and I hope it never happens - you may be diagnosed with a serious health condition for which you want to use the doctor or hospital with the most experience and expertise for your condition and who therefore gives you the best chance for the best health outcome. If this happens, you should be able to get this care as soon as possible with little or no cost.

Being a doctor is a noble profession. But a doctor is not a commodity. Some doctors simply have more experience and expertise for certain conditions than others.

Taking this a step further, for most specific health conditions such as a particular type of cancer in a particular location in the body at a particular stage of development, there may be only one doctor or hospital recognized as the most knowledgeable based on their experience, research and knowledge.

This is the person or facility with whom you want to trust your life if you have an illness that threatens your life.

Often this will mean seeking care at a prestigious medical facility such Mayo Clinic, M.D. Anderson, Cleveland Clinic or Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

If you are diagnosed with a serious health issue, you should identify from whom you should receive this care as soon as you are diagnosed and begin this care as soon as possible.

When you stay with regular Medicare and enroll in a Medicare Supplement such Plan G, you can obtain this care with little or no cost.

You are giving yourself the best chance for the best health outcome if you become sick and the best chance for living a longer and healthier life.

However, if you leave regular Medicare and sign your Medicare benefits over to a private, for-profit, restricted-access Medicare Advantage Plan such as Humana Gold Plus or Kaiser Permanente, you are allowing that plan to limit your choices in care in order to minimize their costs and maximize their profits.

You are also allowing the managers of that plan to say "no" to expensive care you may need in order to meet their business objectives by minimizing the cost of your health care when you need it most.

The prestigious medical facilities listed earlier such as Mayo Clinic and M.D. Anderson are not in the network of any Medicare Advantage plan.

As someone who had my world torn apart when I was 12 years old when my father was diagnosed with a cancer because of which he was given 6 months to live, I very much hope you are never diagnosed with such a threat to your health and your longevity with your family and those you love and who love you.

However, it happens to many people and if it happens to you I want you to have the Medicare policy that gives you the best chance to win against cancer or any other terrible disease.

We would appreciate the chance to help you understand your Medicare options so you can choose the right Medicare plan for you both now and in the future.

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